Hey there!
I'm Gabriel

UX/UI Designer with more than 10 years of digital design experience.

Specialized in designing prototypes, researching customer behavior and needs, and validating new ideas.

About me

UX/UI Designer & Digital Creative

Gabriel Molocea UX Mapping

Helping companies with their digital transformation while guiding stakeholders during the process. Doing this by facilitating workshops, gathering and analysing input (internal and external), leading teams, defining roadmaps and giving presentations.

Designing modern UX and UI, like responsive & mobile websites, (web)apps & webtools, modular grid systems, voice & text interfaces, and design systems.

I am passionate about designing smart information architecture (UX) as well as well-functioning and beautiful user interfaces (UI).

In order to enhance my productivity and allow for experiencing the end product in an early wireframe phase, I design them both at the same time. For this purpose, I develop clickable prototypes during the design process.

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