Your Website Has To Be Easy On The eyes

If one takes the time to look at all the websites in one’s business category or niche, you’ll see a variety of designs and structure. Some sites are fun to visit and interact with, others are so convoluted as to cause the eyes to hurt. This is why you need a website designer that can make your website not only function but be easy on the eyes.

What we mean about being easy on the eyes is that the website’s appearance and interaction are simple, yet attractive, fun, but functional. You can’t confuse the surfer or they’ll run away and you’ll end up losing organic traffic, retention, and sales. This is achieved by having a professional website designer that knows the things that work. It all starts with the basic page layouts and site map. Your front page should cover the basics of your brand name and products and services you want to highlight. For example, if you’re selling plumbing supplies, you want that in the forefront and the sub categories on subsequent pages all keyword optimized for each sub niche. Your front page should as should all your pages, your NAP Name Address Phone number, email, and other contact info including your social media profiles.

Once people see what you’re selling and know where to find you, you have to design you interior pages to focus on each and every aspect of your business. Google indexes webpages, not sites, so each page should be a mini-me version of your first page yet focus on what the sub niche or sub categories are. All pages have to have links to each other and explain what the subsequent pages are about. This way the surfer knows where they are and what is where without any trepidation.

Once you’ve got the backbone to your site laid out, you can add the bells and whistles to spice the pages up, but not to overdo them and I walk you through the process. Sometimes companies have too many cooks in the kitchen. They spoil the broth. If you have the secretary, the floor manager, your spouse, all adding their two cents to your website design, you’ll end up with something that looks like a Christmas tree in a tornado. No one will know what you’re presenting nor how to find what it is you’re offering.

If you’re having problems figuring out what to present on your website front page, I’ll help you with that. If you have a copywriter, all the better. The copy that leads into your site is the most important. It has the keywords and keyphrases that establish what your site is about. Let there be no mistake, what your copy, your photos, and videos present on your front page, are what like a brick and mortar store front display is.

So don’t over do it when it comes to website design. Get a professional website designer to get the job done right the first time.

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