Things to avoid when using air conditioning

The weather is so hot that everyone is enjoying the feeling of being in a cool room. Air conditioning becomes the number one choice for most families and businesses. However, not everyone knows how to use safe and effective air conditioning, some of the following habits you should avoid using air conditioning nhé:

1. Turn on / off continuous air conditioner

Many people think that turning off electrical equipment when not in use is essential. However, with devices such as air conditioners, if you only go out for a while, you turn off then turn on is completely unnecessary and even this will cause the machine to boot up again. Invisible generators make the machine overload and unnecessary power consumption.

2. Closed for too long

When using the air conditioner, of course, it must be sealed to optimize the cooling. But prolonged sealed room will make the air sacs, pollution can be 2 to 5 times higher than normal. So, while using, sometimes you also need to open the door to circulate air, adding fresh air to the room.

You should also select the type of air filter, bacterial filter to minimize unwanted effects while using.

3. Keep the temperature too low

Cold, cool temperatures soothe the heat, but it is very harmful. A sudden change in temperature is a potential risk to your health such as respiratory illnesses, especially with young children.

At the same time constant temperature adjustment also loses the balance of the machine, which makes the air conditioning overload, not good for the life of the machine.

4. Turn on continuous air conditioning

Maintaining continuous air conditioning 24/24 both waste and unnecessary power. Air conditioning after shut off goes to keep the room cool from 1-2h. Therefore, depending on the needs, you should use the appropriate to both save power and have time to “rest”.

5. No maintenance, periodic cleaning

For a smooth running, efficient and long life, cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Long-lasting air conditioner will accumulate dirt, causing the machine to become hot and mua dieu hoa cu no longer effective.

Once every 3 months you should invite professional workers to check, clean, supplement gas for the machine. For families with less than 6 hours of daily air conditioning, maintenance should be at least 6 months.

Hope the above information is useful to you!

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