Social Media And Your Website

One of the main tools or techniques that we website designers use are the various social media networks. Actually, it’s one of the mandatory relationships between website engineering and the most valuable of traffic, targeted organic traffic.

The targeted organic traffic has all the people who are not only interested in the subject of your website and business and most importantly, your company’s name. That’s called a Brand and you have to really work hard at establishing a brand and using it to your best advantage. When you’ve gotten to this stage of SEO and website engineering you’re in the cat-bird seat as the old saying goes. That means you rule. To get there takes all sorts o tactics, techniques, strategies, creative content and more. There’s no magic bullet that can make someone get targeted organic traffic, just smart work and some elbow grease.

Why is social media so important in this regard? Because social media has taken the place of gatherings like chat rooms and so on. People can gather round the watering hole and swap stories and sell goods and services. You don’t use social media to spam, only to creatively and responsibly get more people to pay attention to their needs and realize that you’re the person to provide what they need. Once you get them on the hook so they’ll not only be repeat customers but also pull in other customers from friends and family. Good service and excellent products get a lot of good reviews and those reviews turn into traffic and sales.

The do’s and don’t are that you not make enemies for any reason whatsoever. Just one enemy can derail your marketing efforts for a long time. Any problems, unsatisfied customers, or even sabotage from competitors, handle things with cool and counter statistics. That”s why you keep tabs on the good reviews and social media friends that support you. Give out discounts if you can and let people feel like being your friend via social media gets them in on the inside track of goodies and freebies.

Your website has to accommodate social media formats. You can get plugins that will show your Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram posts. You can easily update your site with a cell phone with a few clicks of a mouse. You have to build up your social media presence. That means making friends and fans and even managing such things. Often webmasters will hire others to handle their social media campaigns. There are experts who get paid great money monitoring a client’s site on Facebook and Twitter and answering any questions and handling any negative PR.

So the bottom line is you’re going to have to make sure your website is social media friendly and I can do that here with just a few plugins and other tips and tricks. It’ll be up to you to manage your social media presence but I can engineer your website so it can make the best of today’s social media venues.

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