Enjoying Your New Website

You’ve spent some time and money and elbow grease getting your brand new website up and running. You enjoy it because it has all the elements, features, and fun that you had hoped for. This only happens when your professional website designer listens to you and provides the kind of service that anyone could be proud of.

Finding a qualified awesome website designer is no further than right in front of you. My team knows how to engineer and design your website so it works perfectly and looks like something you would be honored to be associated with. My team will work with your idea whether it’s going on a template or not. We’ll make sure it’s functional with the proper links, video, pics, and graphics as well as copy so that you can make that great first impression to the surfers.

First thing is to stick to your guns but don’t get foolish. You know what you want however what you want might not be feasible. This is where your awesome website designer shows you the technology limits so that you can get a better idea of what you can and can’t do. Once that’s all established you can now get down to fun. Make sure all the basic functions work and then look at what about your company or topic you wan to show the public. Should you use your own photos or stock footage? How about hiring a photographer to do the job? You’ll definitely need a top grade copywriter and graphics to help establish your brand name. Make sure you make graphics you can use on your apparel, business cards and so on. People will take notice as they associated those graphics with your site and brand name.

Contacting you is most important so not only devote a big page for contact and support, with your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) and then make a section on each and every webpage of yours with that information on it that clicks to your contact page. Here’s where what we call Local SEO comes into play, and our specialist will explain it in full.

Of course you might want input from your staff or marketing director. This is fine but don’t let everyone add their 2 cents, or opinion, or you might give in and put it on the site to the point you’re crammed with unnecessary elements that takes away from the effectiveness you’re looking for.

Keeping things simple is best, but not something so boring that people turn away, remember, you’re trying to get attention and convert customers from surfers. Your site should be inviting and interesting so they’ll go in and window shop. Here’s where you have fun. Once they’re inside you can show off any number of things to make the surfer happy to be there. This goes especially to blog posts, pics, and videos. If you’re creative then you can take the opportunity to make friends out of these surfers and then you’ll really be bringing in the business.

So enjoy your new website and think of it as a work-in-progress that is a joy to work on.

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