Effective Communication is The Key to Succeed Know What You Need

Good communication skills are learned, and honed eventually and come in a set of critical behavioral and interpersonal skills that are listed below-

1. Listening

The one who is a good listener, can be a good communicator. Nobody likes communicating with someone who is not paying attention to what they’re saying. And, if you’re not listening to someone attentively, you won’t be able to comprehend respond to them. Generally, a good communication starts with listening, then decoding what is being said followed by rephrasing it, to ensure what you’ve heard is in sync with what the next person intends to explain or ask you to do. Active listening is the basic of any effective communication.

2. Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication mainly comprises of your body language, eye contact, hand gestures and tone in what it is being communicated. For instance, while you’re in an interview, your hands and body posture says a lot about you and what you want to communicate. From the reflection of your confidence and 유로247 knowledge, and increasing the credibility of your words, gestures play a vital role in bringing effectiveness in your communication. A relaxed posture with open arms or hands behind your head with a friendly tone generally signifies a comfortableness that helps your colleagues or subordinates to communicate comfortably with you. However, it must be used appropriately. Last, but not the least, eye contact is one of the most important elements of effective communication. You must maintain an eye contact with the receiver, to ensure whatever you’re saying is also being acknowledged.

3. Clarity and Concision

Any communication that becomes lengthy and doesn’t have conciseness loses interest of people or the receiver. Don’t talk too much or too less. Maintain balance in amount of words you’re using with clarity in thoughts and articulation. This applies in all forms of communication, whether you’re communicating in person, writing or over the phone. Any kind of rambling will weaken the communication and increase the chances of failure in your conversation. Effective communication is the key for almost all the things you want to get done from people or want to convey them, so, having clarity in your words becomes imperative.

4. Friendliness

Friendliness while communicating creates a comfortable ambience for your co-workers to speak-up and hold crucial conversations with ease. A friendly tone, or a smile on the face encourages open and honest communication that helps resolving critical issues with ease. Holding conversations in a nicer and polite manner is important in both personal and professional life. It not just brings success to all your communications but also creates a positive image in the minds of people you’re communicating to.

5. Confidence

Confidence in whatever you speak reflects your belief in what you’re saying and encourages the receiver and your co-workers believe in you. Confidence reflects in your eye-contact, posture and tone. Prefer maintaining an eye contact with everyone you’re talking to while having a straight body language and a friendly direct tone instead of showing arrogance or aggressiveness in what you’re saying. Confidence is important for a complete and effective communication.

6. Empathy

Disagreements are part of any conversation and it’s not bad to convey your opinions. However, the way you’re conveying it does matter. Any disagreement with your employee or a co-worker must be conveyed with empathy. Using sentences like “I completely understand your point, however I think differently”, or “yes we can do it this way, perhaps if we do it this way…wouldn’t it be better?”, shows that you empathize with your workers or employees, without offending them or creating a sense of fear in their minds.

Effective communication becomes a piece of cake, provided you do it the way it is meant to be.

Advent of technology has changed the ways of communication, but the effectiveness in communication is still required to ensure that whenever you converse clear messages are conveyed and received from both the ends. Know what’s required to holdeffective communication in personal and professional workspace.

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