Creative Ways to Make and Edit Your PDF

Creative Ways to Make and Edit Your PDF

Have you ever used a PDF before? Of course, you have! Well, we all use PDF (Portable Document Format) so often either in form of a bank statement, invoice, custom proposal and so many other things. At some point in life, we all share and exchange PDF’s with each other. For the record, the easiest way to create a PDF is via Microsoft Word.

Easiest Way to Make a PDF

We can convert any MS Word document to PDF easily through main menu, i.e. File > Export if you are using Word 2013 or 2016.

MS Word document to PDF

In case of 2007 and earlier versions, you can download the add-on from Microsoft website here
Alright, that was easy! Wasn’t it? But most of you are here because you eagerly want to learn creative ways to edit a PDF. There are times when we want to convert our images in to PDF such as a brochure, pamphlet and marketing materials. Other times, we want to be able to add certain text, chalk-out something, highlight, add an image or signature. And yes, we want to do all that for free. So can we do that? Absolutely! Here’s how.

Creative Ways to Edit a PDF

Suppose you’re a designer who wants to share your portfolio to customers in a professional PDF format. As a designer, you can very well create beautiful images and website screenshots. But you cannot tie them together to create a PDF. A difficult way would be to use MS Word here, trying to insert each image to a new page, resizing pictures and then exporting to PDF. That’s unpractical, really.
Let me introduce you to an amazing and strong tool namely Small PDF.

amazing and strong tool namely Small PDF

That’s the homepage of Small PDF. You can select JPG to PDF option and it will show following page below. Here you can easily browse your images from your computer or Dropbox and even Google Drive.

Here you can easily browse your images from your computer or Dropbox and even Google Drive

Let’s upload these images we’ve used above as a sample. Once you are done with uploading all the images, you can always rearrange them as you like. So maybe you want to add a cover image, just move your cover image to first spot and that’s it. It’s pretty simple pick and drop interface to use as you can see below.

Portrait or Landscape PDF

You can always play with settings, for example instead of A4, you may chose US Letter size. Or instead of Auto, you may want to opt for a Portrait or Landscape PDF. With that, you can choose no margin, small or big margins for your PDF page layout.


That’s it. Your very own creative PDF is ready!

This tool is really useful if you want to convert PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, excel to PDF, PDF to excel, word to PDF, PDF, to word, merging, rotating, unlocking, protecting and even compressing PDF. Think of the immense possibilities, you can convert any PDF in to images via PDF to IMG option and edit the images in Adobe Photoshop or any good visual editor. Then finally convert those images to PDF using IMG to PDF option.

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